After starting work in a commercial studio John worked in local papers, before moving to working in a large PR studio before he started John Ohle Photography in 2005.

John continues to work as a photojournalist including photographing special projects for the Irish Times and other publications.

His interest in photography started at an early age when his mom gave me him his first camera. This devotion to photography has continued ever since.

John’s passion in photography shows in the work that he has presented to clients including Google, PayPal, Aramark, Accenture, Energia plus many more.

John is renowned for his portrait photography and has has photographed key corporate leaders.

Working to deadlines in the fast paced industry is all in a days work for John who shoots, edits, uploads, distributes to off line media and relevant social media in the moment.

John Ohle Photography has been retained by some of the leading companies to capture their corporate essence, to covering Brand, Corporate Social Responsibility and Persona.