I was delighted and honored to photograph the “Hear Them Roar” article for the Irish Times Magazine. We did the shoot in Kilmainham Goal after closing time but we had only one hour to do the set-up, shoot the main group photo plus 16 portraits, break down everything and leave. So no pressure then!

I had a look at where we could take the photo the day before and worked out the best but quickest way of lighting the group and to then use that same lighting, with a few tweaks, to light the portraits. I had to use flash because daylight was out as it would be too dark when we were shooting.

A 165cm White umbrella with a large 600 watt second flash to the rescue! Plus a couple of smaller 200 watt second flashes to light some of the background. My location lighting kit is kept small and compact but with a good light output just for shoots like this.

On the day of the shoot because of the recce everything went smoothly. We started off with the big group and then moved on to the portrait. This way those who were under the most time pressure could be photographed first.

And then to see the results in the Irish Times Magazine the day before International Women’s Day was wonderful. However to have my photo used on the cover was a huge bonus. Now to sit back in my favorite coffee shop with a danish pastry and enjoy the article.